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Social Businesses to End Poverty
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Imagine a world where a large conglomerate like General Electric (GE) directs its profits towards improving the lives of the poor around the world. We think it’s time to reimagine our existing economic models and tweak them slightly to take on today’s biggest global issues. At Opportunity Labs, we’re building a conglomerate of social businesses that are pro-poor in social and economic impact either through the products themselves or by creating jobs at scale – with the ultimate goal of improving the lives of millions of poor people worldwide. We operate just like a business: we aim to maximize profit through excellent execution and a focus on satisfying customer needs. The only difference between us and a typical business is that our profits are used to continually increase impact.

Our Social Businesses

engageSPARK: World's EASIEST Automated Calls & 2-Way SMS

Opportunity Labs’ first product, engageSPARK, enables organizations to dramatically extend the reach and effectiveness of their pro-poor programs. Currently, most people in developing countries communicate via SMS & Voice because 65% of them aren’t on the Internet, and another 20% access the Internet infrequently. engageSPARK is the EASIEST to use engagement platform that empowers non-IT staff at non-profits/NGOs of any size to build interactive Automated Call (IVR) & 2-Way SMS programs to engage their beneficiaries at scale, quickly, and affordably. Unlike all other tools that require training or IT people, have implementation or monthly subscription fees, and lack global telco integration, engageSPARK is used to build programs in minutes, cheaper, and in any of the 200+ countries.

engageSPARK's customers range from non-profits like the UN’s World Food Programme, Asian Development Bank, and Mercy Corps; to social enterprises like Noora Health, Impact Carbon, and Saturday Kids; to behavioral researchers like Duke University’s Dan Ariely, ideas42, and Innovations for Poverty Action; to huge multinational companies like Intel, and a top 5 global Internet company (we can’t name them). These organizations and many others use engageSPARK in 90+ countries around the world to make social change in the areas of Agriculture, Health, Finance, Elections, Refugee Services, Disaster Planning & Response, and even increasing access to jobs for people living in remote areas with very limited opportunities.

The program that Mercy Corps, a major international non-profit, implemented in the Philippines is a good example of how organizations use engageSPARK. Mercy Corps used our self-service platform to help 20,000 survivors of Typhoon Haiyan improve their budgeting and savings skills. People received soap operas with comprehension quizzes – both via two-way SMS and Automated Phone Calls (IVR), totaling more than 1 million calls & SMS messages. Mercy Corps didn’t realize this was possible (in a simple and affordable way) before they met us. Their non-tech staff built and launched the campaigns in just minutes. Check out the NetHope blog post & webinar here or the Engineering for Change article here.

In the last year, the GSBI Social Enterprise Accelerator accepted us as one of the top 17 social enterprises globally for its program. The Mulago Foundation awarded us its Rainer Fellowship for 2016. DBS-NUS named us a top 12 Social Venture in Asia. And Forbes Magazine recognized engageSPARK as a “Leading Startup.”

Check out engageSPARK:

Our Team

Avner Mizrahi
Founder & COO
Lawyer (NYU) @ Dickstein Shapiro LLP (Washington, D.C.), Fellow at Platform for Labour Action (Uganda), Founder & COO @ NotInMyCountry
Murat Knecht
Masters in Computer Software Engineering @ Hasso Plattner institut, Developer & Project Lead at Acme Packet (Berlin) - acquired by Oracle
Ravi Agarwal: Serial Entrepreneur (Boston), Angel Investor, Grameen Foundation, General Electric
Ravi Agarwal
Founder & CEO
Serial Entrepreneur (Boston), Angel Investor, LP @ 500 Startups, Volunteer @ Grameen Foundation (Ghana & Uganda), Mgmt Training @ General Electric (US)
Sunny Yang's picture
Sunny Yang
Lead Designer
B.S. in IS & Human Computer Interaction @ Carnegie Mellon University, M.S. in Human Computer Interaction @ University of Michigan, IBM, Yahoo, Samsung, TripIt

Join Us

Opportunity Labs is looking for talented people who are passionate and ready to step up to make change in our world - to help us tackle global poverty at scale by building new businesses around the world that leverage technology to create impact. Explore these opportunites below to join us in the fight to alleviate poverty around the world!

Opportunity Labs Fellowship: Business Operations

Use your managment consulting/finance/operations skills to help engageSPARK scale to the next level! Business Operations Fellows create processes, develop strategies for new markets, interact with customers, identify areas for improvement, work with external partners, and help us execute. Find out more

Opportunity Labs Fellowship: Marketing

Ready to use your Marketing skills to do good in our world? Be a Marketing Fellow to develop innovative online and offline strategies, and help us execute them for global brand building, awareness, and customer acquisition from a variety of sectors and geographies. Build and train a world class marketing team. Find out more

Opportunity Labs Fellowship: Full Stack Software Engineer

Been dreaming of using your skills to *truly* change the world by writing code that improves people's lives around the world? No, we're not yet another social media or image sharing app! We're the leading platform that helps non-profits/NGOs interact with their beneficiaries at scale - easily, quickly, affordably, and globally. Our stack: Go (GoLang), Python, Django, Thrift, Consul, Java, PostgreSQL, CouchDB, Nginx, Redis, Android, Freeswitch, Docker, AWS, Microservices, etc. Find out more

Full Stack Software Engineer

Are you a polyglot who loves to learn and wants to help build a distributed platform at scale? Help us architect, build, and scale the engageSPARK platform. Find out more

Java Software Engineer

Does Java mean more than coffee to you? We are looking for a Java Software Engineer to help us architect, build, and scale the engageSPARK platform. Find out more

Python Software Engineer

Do you love solving problems at scale using Python? We seek a Python Software Engineer to help us architect, build, and scale the engageSPARK platform. Find out more

Contact Us

Our headquarters are based in beautiful Cebu, Philippines, with offices also in Ghana and USA.

Contact us for more information or potential partnerships.